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Swampdaughter picked up my drop spindles and combed roving I had on hand to demonstrate handspinning techniques to girls in a class after work at church.  (I wasn’t letting my spinning wheels go!)  Swampdaughter is a VERY good spinner on the wheel but hates my drop spindles.  I like…

The government of LIE-beria wants to prosecute the Ebola carrier for lying on his forms. Riiiiight. I say we simply put him in isolation and refuse all treatment. Let the 21st Century Typhoid Mary die. Oh, I am heartless, am I not? Nothing like the compassionate weasels in OUR government, who refuse to stop flights […]

Now that we finally have reasonable, survivable outdoor temps – and a new HVAC unit for the indoor temps – the weather has changed. Lovely low 80s in the daytime and upper 60s at night make the whole world more pleasant. We purchased a screen room to put on the concrete pad out in the […]

…and someone we all know is wandering through some of the scenes… http://www.pnj.com/videos/news/local/escambia-county/2014/09/21/16004459/

Of course, there’s a LOT of work to get done on the defense…they missed 17 tackles yesterday, 21 last week…MISSED??? How many professional football teams MISS that many tackles??? I am hopeful, though, because I didn’t expect ANYTHING good, really – except anecdotally – till next season. And Number Five looks like all he was […]

With thanks to my punk rockin’ Friend…

For my entire life, the 11th of September has been my brother’s birthday. He’s 14 months older than me, and since we moved around so much, was often my only friend. We both grew up and away, and then the U.S. was attacked by lunatic fanatics, and now the nation remembers this day and keeps […]


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