I give you…the Mighty POWERBALL! (Liberal socialist as the day is long, corporation-haters all…but that Guitar Man holds a soft spot in my heart…)

Zowie – Wednesday already! I’m busy as a one-armed paper-hanger and it’s hotter’n Dutch love in a featherbed (as Mike Cassel used to say). UPPER 90s (Translation: about 103F) and humid as Hell. Yes, I do believe Hell is damp like this. Don’t you? :D So…pictures of our fun morning of fishing for catfish at […]

The new job is working out well, and this means vacation is back on the planning board. The maps came out last night, and I’m scouring the Damascus website for accommodations for us and the kids for a weekend in August. WOW! SO excited, I dreamt of sleeping in the trees on a mountain last […]

Yesterday was the ol man’s birthday. Kaylee and I got him some cute REALLY EXPENSIVE cards (won’t do THAT again!), a gray polo shirt, and the most recent Jack Reacher paperback. Then we all loaded into the Tundra and drove to Steve’s Farm to go catfishing. We had a BALL! Caught about a dozen, between […]

I love these guys.


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