Season in Maine ends in just a few short weeks, and I am still kickin’ it. Hope SwampWoman and my other blog sisters and brothers are doing well, I WILL catch up once I get back to Jax. I hope.

Thanks, Wanda! 7 Behaviors Of Emotionally Wealthy People That You Should Emulate.

I don’t get it…millions of people got exactly what they wanted from their government…but they’re still pissed as hell, flinging angry, hateful words at those who dare disagree with them. Too typical – seems there’s never enough of their own way to fill the holes in their souls.I understand those who don’t agree…but why are […]

Been a busy busy few weeks. Will attempt to post pictures and some bit of commentary later today…I hope! It IS a great place for me to be, and Duffy’s enjoying himself, too – and the cat and bird have settled in nicely, I think…hope y’all are well.

…but please come back… As of 1 April, this will be our new digs and our new jobs. The Appalachian Trail Lodge, in Millinocket, Maine, has need of a couple to help during hiking season…and we’re it!

If you need me anytime between tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be hangin’ in the Ocala Forest…come see us, if you get a chance!

(“Humorous duet for two cats” from Otello)


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