…but please come back… As of 1 April, this will be our new digs and our new jobs. The Appalachian Trail Lodge, in Millinocket, Maine, has need of a couple to help during hiking season…and we’re it!

If you need me anytime between tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll be hangin’ in the Ocala Forest…come see us, if you get a chance!

(“Humorous duet for two cats” from Otello)

Nice enough day. Kinda dreary weather. Did a training walk today. Back’s been hurting, arthritis is in full bloom. Same-oh, Same-oh. How about a little something for your amusement… MAKE it a good weekend, if for no other reason than to piss off the Glitterati and the Wonks in Governments at every level. Thanks for […]

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Modal Trigger The prevarications of (clockwise from left) city aide Rachel Noedringer, author Lena Dunham and ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber all fell apart this year. Photo: (Left) AP, (top right) Getty Images, (bottom right) UPI Bowe Bergdahl. The IRS’s missing e-mails. Lena Dunham. “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Jonathan Gruber.…

Yeah, yeah yeah…cry me an eff’n river. This guy has never experienced racism. Was raised where he was a Favoured Son and took complete advantage of every ‘privilege’ offered him by this society. Read et cetera: You would fail at that as well, barry… See also, Paco Enterprises: These People Are Unbelievable.

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