Monthly Archives: January 2010

Barbi is 60!

Barbi Benton is now a wife and mother of two (link is Wikipedia but the other sites are real drivel). Hubby was sent to prison for tax fraud, which seems harsh to me – the tax code is so complex even our Treasury Secretary can’t keep his taxes legal! Contrary to popular belief, she was […]

2009 Walter Payton Man of the Year

I have great admiration for Kurt Warner. He has The Right Stuff. He doesn’t strut, doesn’t brag, doesn’t badmouth people. Well, far as I know anyway. The impression I’ve gotten over the last 12 years is that this is a Man, a Man who talks the talk AND walks the walk. Good Men are hard […]

Pro CHOICE? I think not…

A long time ago in a brain far far away, I was in favor of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed abortions to be performed nation wide. If my maturation since that time means anything, it means 18-year-old girls shouldn’t be allowed to vote – they have little or no sense in most cases. HAVING […]

Tips to fight the mid-winter blues & depression I talked about last week!

Once again, I find what I need at I’m not a depressive. I’m generally easy-going and cheerful. I can usually find the silver lining in the dark cloud – or at least be glad of the cloud, because we need the rain. This past couple weeks, though, I’ve been a bit off. I hurt […]

Decisions, Decisions…

There’s a post at Bob’s Bites that has me laughing. Showed it to my hubby, he said I needed to link to it. So, even though Bob got it from somewhere else, here’s the link to my best laugh of the day! Thank you, Bob!

I even liked him on Monday Night Football

Yes, I know I’m probably the only one in the country that feels that way. Tough. I like the way his mind works, I get a HUGE kick out of his work. I keep trying to remember to listen to him on the radio, but so far no progress there. Ah well. Dennis Miller is […]

Mid-winter blues? Child’s Birthday Depression Syndrome?

Surely there has to be a psychological syndrome or disease or SOMETHING that keeps me from doing something I love to do – read other blogs and some news or human interest stories, and post the opinions, views, and experiences of my own that seem…well, post-worthy. I’ve been busy as usual, but since Wednesday I’m […]