Can you tell I’m bored?

I have no idea why I’m futzing with WordPress…got nothing better to do? No, just don’t want to do the things I’m supposed to be doing. I could never figure out how to post a decent picture in the header at blogspot. WordPress let me crop it as I posted. You can’t see the vastness of the prairies and skies around the first school I ever attended, but I remember it…

Anyway – I guess I’ll link to this one from the other one, at least for awhile. I was hoping to find a more patriotic design, but now I think I better quit with this and get my butt busy with turkey and noodles…and maybe another cup of coffee!

UPDATE: 13Jan10 – You can’t see the school where I first went to school anymore because I put up a shot of the town where I went to sixth grade instead. It’s not the end of the Earth, but you CAN see it from there…and I still miss it.



  1. Hey, you’re doing better than I am! I’m at the computer in jammies and a jacket. I don’t deal well with cold weather!

    1. You’ll forgive me, I’m trying to see how all this will look – I know why I like “preview” settings now!

  2. I’m trying to see if there’s a way to change the font style, and maybe the size. Our water just came back, so I guess I ought to shower. Believe me, I only got dressed cuz I had to, I was perfectly fine in fleece pants and robe!

  3. I’m still in the fleece pants!

  4. You’re a lucky ol broad, you are! I’ve fed the ol man and got a load of laundry in AND just got out of the shower. I feel like a new woman!

  5. Hey! Is that a little house on the prairie?

    The best way to learn is to play… and that is especially true with computery things.

    1. Well, kinda “Little House.” It’s where I went to first grade. One room, one cloakroom, and a back room where the teacher would live. Outhouses for going potty. My teacher didn’t live there, though, she lived in town and drove me out with her every day. It was an AWESOME way to go to school! Ten kids, grades 1-6, and Mrs. Beyer brought her dog with her every day, too. Breaks my heart to see it in such disrepair, knowing the children and grandchildren of kids I went to school with are vandalising the place…but it is what it is, and I kept a couple souvenirs besides the pictures – a couple old books, and the basket for finished papers Mrs. Beyer had on her desk.

      Thanks for coming to visit, Kae, think about you often!

  6. Bowdoin School. Somewhere south of the GNRR siding of the same name. Been there, lots.
    PGR sends

  7. At least I can comment here. Can’t seem to make it work on your other site.

    1. And I expect you to comment on a regular basis, Bob! Especially when I steal stuff from you!

      1. Oh it’s not stealing, it’s sharing!

      2. I will TRY to give attribution, but I seem to forget a lot…will try harder!

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