So, what do I expect for free?

Well, I was kinda hoping to be able to change the font as I post, but WP is like Blogger there. I can hope all day long, it ain’t happening unless I pay for it – and I can’t afford it. Won’t afford it. Not till I find a better reason than “I wanna,” anyway. Got my first school in the header, anyway, and that counts for something.

Learning. Been interrupted too many times to know anything really helpful. Thanks to Swampie and Kae for the encouraging visits!

How ’bout a video? Haven’t done THAT yet…something that would’ve been on tv when I was going to school in that little building, maybe?

Kewl. Going to go try to get warm now. A trying day with pipes not unfreezing till after 1100. The ol man has stuffed the airholes with foam, found one busted water pipe (the back yard faucet) while he was doing that in the dark…yeah, going to go to bed early, so I can be rested enough to fight another day! Thanks so much for stopping by!



  1. Yeah, doesn’t let you change the style sheets unless you pay for an upgrade. At least they have some themes that you can choose your own header for, like this one.

    1. My biggest trouble is I don’t know the vocabulary. I have a wish for saying something different when a comment form is opened (my brother uses “It’s your nickel” on his Blogger site). Does WP allow for that? I can’t tell. And I had another question, but it’s gone now…it’s been a rough day & I can hardly wait for it to be over. S’posed to be 60 Thursday. Used my windshield scraper when I went to pick up the Pixie this morning. Loved it…wore my down parka from Maryland…but I’m done now. My fingertips are cracking, my hair has gone straight…I believe I’ve had enough Winter for this year!

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