So cold in Florida, the iguanas are falling out of the trees…

It may be meant as a joke, but from, we have this:

Description: It was 47º here this morning and that`s very cold for us in Key West. The iguanas are literally falling from the trees because they can`t hold on. They are cold blooded critters, of course, and the cold pushes them into a mild hibernation,you know, sorta like Dick Clark. The one pictured here fell down down from a palm onto our front steps and was sprawled across the railing like a drunken sailor. Our dog, Maisie is NOT cold blooded and she`s more familiar with chasing the lizards off our property so this was quite a thrill for her.


One comment

  1. It was 9 degrees here in Staunton this morning! I’ve acclimated, though — it felt more or less like I used to feel when it hit the low 40s in Florida.

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