United We Fish

Captain Kevin Faver, a charter fishing boat captain here in NEFL, is working with some other interested parties to get a bus of true conservationists to the steps of the Capitol at noon on February 24. Faver hosts The Outdoors Show every Saturday morning on 1010XL, Jacksonville Sports Radio (link times out, sorry), ably assisted by Captain Kirk Waltz and former Jaguar Jeff Lageman .

The Recreational Fishing Alliance is mad as hell at Our Elected CongressWeasels and the bureaucrats who steal your ability to enjoy your leisure time AND the ability of many to put food on their own tables. Basing their regulations on “science” from biased sources and opinions and reports from questionable ‘advocates’ – which has a vaguely familiar ring to it – the restrictions and bans imposed on those in the maritime industry create hardship beyond ANYTHING that can be considered decent and Constitutional.

From the press release (pdf) :

In a historic show of solidarity, recreational and commercial fishermen will gather
together on the steps of the Capitol on February 24, 2010 from noon until 3 p.m. in an organized
demonstration against the unintended negative impacts of the Magnuson Stevens Conservation
and Management Act (MSA), the federal fisheries law which was revised in January of 2007.
Coordinating the march under the flag of United We Fish, rally organizers are hoping to see a
large show of force in defense of coastal communities.

“The closures keep coming and it’s good to see the collective fishing communities and industries, both recreational and commercial, calling for scientific based Magnuson reform,” said Jim Donofrio, Executive Director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA). “We are all in this together.” Donofrio cited recent closures of amberjack, black sea bass and red snapper fisheries as examples of what he calls a “broken” federal fisheries law.

The groups organized through United We Fish are hoping to prove to legislators just how many American anglers and business owners are truly being impacted by the overly restrictive management requirements created by MSA based on non scientific arbitrary deadlines. According to Bob Zales of the Conservation Cooperative of Gulf Fishermen (CCGF), the time-specific deadlines mandated by MSA coupled with flawed data collection methods are forcing anglers off the water. “We fully support real science based management and the conservation of our marine resources while also being able to sustain recreational and commercial fishing activities, providing locally caught seafood, sustaining small family businesses, and supporting our coastal communities.”

Please, check the links and do what you can. There really are lives at stake in this, you know…



  1. Yes, they ARE trying to ruin every bit of the economy that they can. Looks like Ma Nature killed waaaay more fish with the cold snap than the fishermen.

    1. Cuz Ma Nature is little concerned with international boundaries, maritime law, or even the preening of the buttheads in Washington!

      When I first found this show in 2003, I had little idea Cap’n Kevin, Cap’n Kurt, and Lageman would prove to be ‘activists.’ Times change.

  2. I think we’re all going to be “activists” soon, perhaps morphing into “terrorists”.

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