Liberalism Is Dead – James Lewis at American Thinker

I ran across this article at American Thinker and am STUNNED that what I’ve believed for so long has been put down on (virtual) paper! I learned a long time ago that nothing I think, say or believe is exclusive to me, but this still blows my little mind.

Some excerpts, starting with Ms. Coakley:

Coakley is not a liberal in any honest sense of that world. She is a radical prosecutorial Leftist. That is how she made her bones in the Mass Democrat Machine.

And more on Taxachusetts – and this is a real shocker to those of us in flyover country, cuz it sure doesn’t fit the story told by the Dinosaur Media:

Even Massachusetts may be catching on that so-called liberals don’t deserve that name any more. Barney Frank is not a liberal, but a demagogue and corruptocrat with truly awesome, dictatorial arrogance. That is because he has a safe seat in Boston. Chris Dodd is not a liberal, but said to be one of the most corrupt members of the US Senate. Harry Reid is a demagogue and a Machiavellian. Nancy Pelosi is a Mafia moll. We should therefore stop associating the word “liberal” with such creatures. Liberalism is dead; anyone using that word is lying or living in the long-ago past.

BarryO has proven he’s not liberal:

A big chunk of the Left has always despised liberalism anyway. Marx and Lenin made a big thing out of sneering at soppy liberals. Those are the kinds of folks who raised and befriended Barry Soetoro. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were never liberals. They’re maybe New Left Mao Zedong worshippers, or some such thing.

Obama showed the world how far he is from JFK’s liberalism when he bowed down ostentatiously to two monarchs in a row — the Saudi King, whose tribal kingdom confines women to the home, protects African slavery, and executes homosexuals; and the Emperor of Japan, in whose father’s name Japanese soldiers massacred racially “inferior” Asians throughout the “Greater Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.” Naturally the Chinese, who still hate the Japanese for what they did, simply went ballistic when Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor. A month later China torpedoed the Copenhagen summit with exquisite timing, right after Obama invested his personal prestige in rescuing the Great Green Fraud of Eurosocialism. You can bet that the Chinese did that deliberately. It was payback, and it also protected their own economic development and their investment in US Treasuries.

On the other side of the world, Obama likes to show public contempt for the Brits, who are the source of American ideals of liberty. It was the Royal Navy that halted the African slave trade, if only belatedly, and it’s Muslim Africans who still own black slaves today, two hundred years after the Brits swept slavery from the oceans. Just as it was Abe Lincoln, an American Republican, who ended slavery in America.

Cliched though it may be, please – go read the whole thing.



  1. Na, they’re still liberal. Liberal with people’s tax dollars.

    1. That is so true, Sir – but it’s the things the Left is liberal with – taxpayer money, government regulation, union rules, stupidity, – that begs the issue of ‘liberal’ being an accurate label, I think.

      And thanks for stopping by. I’ve been a might depressed lately, but will try to post something newer again soon – like the link to YOUR blog! For now, got some errands to run, have a fine rest-of-the-day.

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