Tuesday in Taxachusetts!

I’ll save the post inspired by Thomas Sowell for a little later. This is a historic day in Massatwoshetts, and I cannot let it go unremarked. The King is dead! Long live the King!

Ok, maybe that’s a bit over-dramatic.

Teddy Kennedy was scum. I’m glad he’s gone. What surprises me to NO end is that a Republican may take the seat he claimed by right. Is there any other proof needed that 1) the Dem running is REALLY bad or 2) some rather blase people in The Kennedy District have awakened to what’s REALLY happening to their country?

I can only continue to “hope” that the peons pound the hell out of Coakley by coming out overwhelmingly for Scott Brown, to such an extent that SEIU can’t steal this one, as seems to have been the case in other races. A little found election box here, a little lost vote box there, a few corpses who show up to vote…you know, business as usual in politics. I don’t do well with anticipation but I’ll be keeping an eye on this one ALL day, waiting for word on turnout and maybe even some hopeful hints from the exit-polling.


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