Mid-winter blues? Child’s Birthday Depression Syndrome?

Surely there has to be a psychological syndrome or disease or SOMETHING that keeps me from doing something I love to do – read other blogs and some news or human interest stories, and post the opinions, views, and experiences of my own that seem…well, post-worthy. I’ve been busy as usual, but since Wednesday I’m fighting the blues and some barely-suppressed anger. Pretty sure I know what the cause is, and it should pass in time, but DAMN it’s no fun right now. Keeping busy – physically – really does help when one’s mind is a mess. So, I’ve been doing laundry, cleaning house, running a few errands and today I hung some new curtains in the bedroom. My Chief got new closet doors for our room yesterday, replacing the 30-yo louvered things that finally came unhinged, and the curtains are blackout curtains so he can sleep when the sun’s up. We’ve now decided on colour for the walls in the bedroom (decided mostly by his choice of curtain colour, when he bought the first set), and payday should begin the process of transforming the sleep room we share into a bedroom. Ceiling needs to be scraped of OLD popcorn then painted, light on the ceiling fan hasn’t worked in years, and then – MY favorite – new quilts for the beds, a new lamp…

Anyway, the folks in my sidebar have some great posts – as usual. I’m going to find something to eat and hang the clean shower curtain…and watch some “Dirty Jobs.” It’s dark so I don’t know for sure what the weather’s doing, but the joints in my fingers and toes are talkin’ to me, so maybe the barometric pressure is doing something interesting. Guess I’ll go see! Y’all take care, thanks for stopping by!



  1. I think it has to do with the nasty mud, killed lawns, and return to gray days.

    1. The mud, dead grass & gray days are a perfect reflection of my mood, Swampie, not the cause of it. Mentioned last week what my “trouble” is – even though it’s not actually MY trouble. I’m coming to grips with it by not being afraid to speak about it to some folks…and refusing to speak about it with the folks actually involved. Now, with the kind of January day I think is PERFECT – AND new closet doors & curtains in the bedroom – I’m alive & awake enough to bake some cookies, I think. YAY!

  2. Did the Dirty Jobs thing after watching the third period of Anaheim at Saint Louis. I had to work yesterday.
    Fell asleep after eating and in the first Dirty Jobs.
    At it again today on the jets. The OT is great, if Arnold, Obammy and the many thieves get done, it is a kicker in the paycheck.

    1. I fought going to sleep early all day yesterday, I think. If I nap, I don’t sleep well at night, so a short period of rest and a cup of tea or a Coke usually take care of that need for awhile. And then I can sleep my regular 5 or 6 hours!

      I’ts 72 & we have the windows and doors open. THIS is a perfect January day – perfect.

  3. Well, you can remember that perfect January day in late August during a tropical storm…..

    1. YES! And remember that summer is NOT the reason I stay in Jax. Hell, even when I was young & healthy I hated summers here. WINTER is why I live here…well, Winter and Kaylee.

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