Decisions, Decisions…

There’s a post at Bob’s Bites that has me laughing. Showed it to my hubby, he said I needed to link to it. So, even though Bob got it from somewhere else, here’s the link to my best laugh of the day!

Thank you, Bob!



  1. I swiped it myself and put it on Antelope Valley, The Regiment, Constitutional Emergency and Sons of Liberty Riders.

  2. Well I recognise most of those sheilas from Bill O’Reilly’s show we get here on pay TV (we don’t call it cable – well it does come via satellite)

    Down under most of the good lookin’ chicks are in the Labor Party (lefties). Lately we’ve been subject in the news and women’s magazines to ugly politicians with good lookin’ daughters.

    Things are different here.

    Besides the sheilas on TV and in politics here speak softly and sexy on camera, whereas your dames seem to yell into the camera – must be a Yank thing.

    1. Hi, Cav, how y’all are? Thanks for visiting here!

      For some reason, Hollyweird and other media outlets seem to believe LOUD FEMALE equates to intelligent and interesting female. Wouldn’t want anyone to say the poor babe is oppressed or subservient – which might mean she’s considerate and kind and loyal because someone MAKES her be that. Leftist Feminist Socialism can ruin femininity completely. Not to mention what it does to the masculine gender!

      Sarcasm is an art, loud has its place, but to have that as a permanent template is disturbing, to say the least.

      Hope you visit again, Cav!

  3. You are most welcome. 😉

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