Tips to fight the mid-winter blues & depression I talked about last week!

Once again, I find what I need at I’m not a depressive. I’m generally easy-going and cheerful. I can usually find the silver lining in the dark cloud – or at least be glad of the cloud, because we need the rain. This past couple weeks, though, I’ve been a bit off. I hurt – remnants and reminders of more than one motorcycle wreck, with some arthritis and muscle aches. I can’t take painkillers on a regular basis. I have a yoga/ physical therapy routine that mimics the Thai yoga massage My Chief used to administer (and when he did, I was nearly symptom-free), but when it’s dark and cold I get lazy. Pain affects my mood.

Tonight, after eating my Kashi pizza and cleaning the bathroom, I’m listening to “Good Eats” and reading some things I didn’t have time for before. This article, by Nancy Churnin, is going to be a great help to me in future.

Some of the high points:

“You have to sit, take a deep breath, relax and think about what your day was like, what’s wrong, what’s bothering you and what you can change. You don’t have to be watching TV or checking your e-mail 24 hours a day. But you do need to resolve the conflicts and resentments that are blocking you from achieving your best life.”

Even if you seek help from a friend, a spiritual adviser or a trained mental professional to kick-start or help guide the process, he stresses that ultimately the only person who can heal your mind is you.

Find a support group: Look for one that focuses on seeking positive solutions or accepts that there are things that can’t be fixed. A group that complains together can add to your anger and sense of hopelessness.

Don’t abuse drugs and alcohol: Often people try to self-medicate this way, but that makes problems worse.

Exercise, watch your diet and get your sleep: If you exercise 45 minutes a day in your 50s, you drop your chances of dementia by 15 percent in your 70s, Dr. Gary Malone says.

There is NOTHING new here, not a durn thing I didn’t know before. I just have to keep being reminded so I’ll go DO it. Because even if I’m not as diligent and dedicated as I ought to be, any level of doing it is better than not doing anything at all.

I’m going to go make some tea, see what’s happening on Facebook, and spend some time in reflection. Of course, in my world, we call that doing Step Ten!

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  1. Well hey KC, Time to lift the depression just a bit. Racing at Daytona starts Saturday!! It’s the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and a lot of NASCAR boys are in it. Sorry, I don’t think Mark Martin is in it, but he lives near there and I’ll bet he makes an appearance. 🙂

    1. Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth! Once football is done for the year, I have less than a month before NASCAR starts, when the only thing on SportsCenter is basketball. yay. The year the NBA was on strike, we got a lot of news about hockey, which I loved as a kid. I DO have some other things to keep my mind occupied in the break now, but look forward to “Gentlemen, Start Your ENGINES!”

      Danica’s gonna participate this year – give ’em something other than how awful Dale is to talk about. I love listenin’ to rednecks talk about girls that can drive! 😀

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