Pro CHOICE? I think not…

A long time ago in a brain far far away, I was in favor of the Supreme Court ruling that allowed abortions to be performed nation wide. If my maturation since that time means anything, it means 18-year-old girls shouldn’t be allowed to vote – they have little or no sense in most cases.

HAVING matured and grown as a sentient human being, I now realize that – while I don’t believe abortion should be outlawed – the Supreme Court decision was…garbage. How that bunch managed to see a right to privacy that doesn’t exist in the Constitution AND equate it to ending a viable pregnancy AND take the right to make such decisions away from the state, I’ll never understand. Takes more twists of logic and word definition than even I can manage, and I can justify anything, given enough time and motivation.

Now, my esteemed FEDERAL goverment (hack! cough! spit.) actually provides abortions for almost anyone who wants one. I know more than one woman who uses this “choice” as birth control. It sickens me more than you can imagine. Because I’ve also given birth, you see. That baby was a baby for me from day one. Ditto for grandbaby. I am pro-Life and pro-Adoption. I’m pro-tubal-ligation, too. Why is it easier for a 20 year old girl to get an abortion than it is to get a tubal ligation?

Having also been the beneficiary of a life-saving therapeutic abortion, I don’t want abortion completely and totally banned, as there are times like mine when it’s necessary. I believe the decisions about such details should be left up to the individual states, that it’s not Uncle Sam‘s business.

Tim Tebow was the star quarterback for the Florida Gators, and led them to the National Championship. Twice. He’s handsome, intelligent, home-schooled, and a devout Christian son of devout Christian missionary parents. Tim Tebow and his dedicated-to-LIFE mother have filmed a commercial that is Pro-Life. It is to be shown during the greatest spectacle in television, the Super Bowl.

The National Organization for Women is among a group of women’s ‘rights’ advocates protesting this ad. I can’t figure out why. If it’s about a woman’s right to choose, shouldn’t women be told what their choices ARE?

Tebow said at a press conference Sunday that he hopes they respect the fact that he stands up for what he believes. I’m afraid he’s going to be sorely disappointed when he realizes they don’t give a rat’s rear what he stands up for unless it fits their agenda.



  1. I applaud you in your ability to reconsider your stance. It’s a shame that Tebow will be so vilified over this commercial but extreme kudos to him for not caring that hate will be heaped upon him.

  2. Thanks for coming by, Bob. I’ve learned to be open to reconsideration. Being rigid only causes me – and those around me – pain. When I went from being “liberal” democrat to being libertarian republican, with some conservative stances added into the mix, everyone was easier to get along with – including me. Well, no, not everyone – I have some family members who refuse contact and even relationship, but I don’t live near them so it doesn’t really matter much. The ones who matter don’t mind, and the ones who mind don’t matter.

    Again, thanks for coming by – I may sometimes talk like I don’t like company, but I really do!

  3. Tebow is regularly vilified because he stands for what is right. People that are on the side of evil cannot stand it.

    1. Funny how conformist & rigid the ‘non-conformists’ become, isn’t it. Fight the Power. Stick it to The Man. Until you become The Man, and then everyone else must be forced to act as you believe they should. A World Turned Upside Down, indeed…

  4. I’d almost forgot that we used terminology like that anymore, Sticking it to the MAN!
    So what are the pro-life zealots going to say with the Roeder trial in Wichita being done except for the sentencing. The jury took 37 minutes to find him guilty of murdering George Tiller last spring. The sphere could be interesting for awhile, methinks.

    1. That IS the terminology the hippies now in positions of authority developed and grew up with, if my fading memory is anywhere near correct.

      Heard the Roeder verdict on the radio a bit ago. Is there a death penalty in Kansas? Wonder how many anti-death penalty/ pro-abortion protesters THAT sentencing will attract.

      1. There is a death penalty but Nola Foulston, the DA is seeking life with a hard 50. The death penalty would have turned Wichita into a circus and media frenzy with the extremists from both sides coming out of the woodwork. The guy is 51, so a hard 50 keeps him behind bars until he dies.
        BTW, Nola is a Democrat and the last one I voted for. She does the job very well. That is all I would ask.

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