Tuesday means Thomas Sowell!

I lost my way and my will there for awhile, but Thomas Sowell is back on my Tuesday morning post. YAY!

With this post at JewishWorldReview.com, Mr. Sowell calls the people in this administration exactly what I believe they are – liars.

“There was a recent flap because three different members of the Obama administration, on three different Sunday television talk shows, gave three widely differing estimates of how many jobs the president has created.

That should not have been surprising, except as a sign of political sloppiness in not getting their stories together beforehand. They were simply doing what Barack Obama himself does — namely, just pulling numbers out of thin air. However, being more skilled at creating illusions, the president does it with more of an air of certainty, as if he has gone around and counted the new jobs himself.”

Knowing that politicians are masters of spinning illusions and playing Santa Claus, let’s do what Mr. Sowell suggests – read the column and follow this advice:

“Contrary to what politicians expect us to do, let’s stop and think.”


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