Benjamin Netanyahu IS the leader of the Free World.

Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints posts about something I think of regularly.

I can’t change a damn thing about the scenario excerpted here – Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to BarryO, a meeting that takes place in the VERY near future:

You previously asked that I not surprise you with any unilateral action. Therefore, I am here to inform you that we have decided to take military action against Iran. Based on weather conditions, our air force will carry out the raids in the next week.

“Furthermore, my military advisers all agree that we do not have sufficient conventional firepower to accomplish the mission. We are compelled to use tactical nuclear weapons. It is the only way we can be sure of success.

“Mr. President, I assure you that Israel fully appreciates the seriousness of this decision and the potential consequences. My Cabinet fully supports this decision. Opposition leaders also have been informed and they, too, agree this is the only responsible course.”

BarryO thinks his awesomeness will take care of most of the trouble, obviously. He just needs to sit down with Amadmaninadinnajacket and convince him America loves him and wants the best for him (I am so close to gagging here), so pleeez stop doing that thing that pisses of the Jews. Pretty pleeez?

BarryO is a fool. Sure, he knows his Communist Manifesto, his Rules For Radicals…but he doesn’t understand ruthless power-mad homicidal maniacs at all.

Bob sez:

“As every minute passes, the murderous Islamic regime in Iran gets closer to having deliverable nuclear weapons.

When [no ‘ifs’ about it] Iran begins to use those weapons against the infidels, what will our mealy-mouthed weakling of a bastard of a President do?”

He’s going to find out that his pretty words will NOT calm the savage beast. And we’re all going along for the ride. If we’re lucky.



  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    I forgot to thank you, KC. Apology tendered, forgiveness asked.

    1. Likewise, I’m sure, Bob. Thanks for putting your stamp of approval here!

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