“Receive every person with a smiling face.”

I had a tough day yesterday – emotionally. And I took it out on the people who trust me to care for them, snapping at the little ones, showing no patience with them for their lack of perfection. I ended my day making my apologies and excuses…and got up this morning with a decision that it be better – that I be better.

And I was.

Once again, from JewishWorldReview.com, I get a lesson in living a better life.

The night my wife taught me a (Talmudic) lesson.

We are all taught these things. But how often do we believe we must use them with those closest to us, not just with the boss, the client, the cop…in fact, I’ve learned over time that it is MORE important for me to behave “with a smiling face” at home with my husband than it is in any other venue. The opinions of strangers don’t really matter to me – HIS opinion of me is first on my list, topped only by what I hope My Creator thinks of me. I’m betting My Creator frowned a bit at my behavior toward my little ones. Thankfully, I saw the error of my ways and got my lesson put in front of my face. I wasn’t always so teachable.

Life Is Good.


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