DEFY the President

Dan Kennedy, at, is defiant. This may be my favorite of the columns I’ve read this weekend…because I am all for defying BarryO and His Band of CongressWeasels and anti-Constitution Czars, at every opportunity.

From the column:

In all of this, I was, as President Obama put it, blowing my money. Emphasis on the word: my. My money. I earned it. And I can do with it as I please. As a matter of fact, my wife and I are defying the President and going on vacation to Las Vegas soon, where we will blow more of our money. And, what if we blow our kids’ college money too? No problem – the president has promised free college for all.

Gotta love this, too:

Mr. President, sir, if you are going to lecture me about blowing my money in Vegas or turning down my thermostat or inflating my tires, do you think you could reign in your wife’s blowing of my money just a teeny bit?

Where in hell do BarryO & the CongressWeasels get the idea that it’s reasonable to spend money that the country doesn’t have? As if it matters, do they understand the meaning of the word ‘deficit?’ defines ‘deficit spending’ as “the amount by which a government, company, or individual’s spending exceeds its income over a particular period of time.” If outgo remains bigger than income, Trouble comes knocking, with a warrant and a notice of foreclosure. And then Government can come in and save you, and keep all your assets, in return for the pittance THEY decide you can live on.

Dave Ramsey says “The borrower is slave to the lender.”

You might be able to ‘live’ on the charity from the Government…but you’ll never be Free.



  1. It may not be Vegas but we are going to Palmdale and Lancaster this AM to hit the Smart and Final and the water store. Water store,it’s a desert thing.

  2. Ooh! Post pictures of the water store!

    I’m so envious. I hate cities SO much…

  3. Yeah, I’ll be waiting for the water store pictures, too.

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