The Wheels Come Off (thank you, Paco!)

Paco is a brilliant writer that I first saw – as many of us did – as a commenter at Tim Blair‘s old place (sorry, no link to the old siteSee Below). LOTS of Blair’s regulars bothered Paco about blogging on his own, and he has answered the call in the manner expected. The man is brilliant, and can turn a phrase with the best of them. Of course, my favorites are The Detective Paco Series and his commentary on the passing political and cultural scene, which is thoughtful, reasoned…and sometimes downright snarky! As a woman who appreciates snark, Paco Enterprises is top of my reading list. Of course, I have to be careful with my coffee…monitors are fairly easy to clean, but the keyboard is a real pain in the you-know-where.

Paco’s post today is SO good, I’m just going to give you the link, a short excerpt…

There are still Nazis in the world, and probably more communists at any dozen American universities you’d care to name who ardently believe in the tenets of Marxism than there are in North Korea.

…and let you go on about your merry way, thinking good thoughts and enjoying the first day of Lent!

Oh, yeah, the illustration is TOPS, too, Paco! And I recreate it here because it can’t be said too much:

UPDATE! Thanks to Kae, in comments, for a link to the old Tim Blair, where we had unprecedented access and liberty…and usually cleaned up any messes we left when Tim was out on ‘assignment.’ It was a rollicking good time – friendly, fun, smart, with plenty of anythings cooked on the barbie and a keg or three of Sumerian mead when appropriate. Unlike the impressions you might get from the dinosaurs in the mainstream media, the VRWC is not a Group of Gloomy Gusses. We INSIST on enjoying Life!



  1. Heh. Yeah, his stories are the best!

  2. Thank you, KC, for that fine complement – or set of compliments!

  3. What a shame, though, my spelling’s starting to deteriorate.

  4. Hiya KC

    Here’s a link, I have it on my links…

    and there’s timblair.spleenville or something, too.

  5. The ORPO is going to get this one out! Plus it will be on Somewhere in the Antelope Valley and Parrothead Jeff and Friends.

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