Say it ain’t so!

I listen to Sam Kouvaris on 1010XL every morning at 10am. I have listened to Sam do the sports news on television &/or radio for nearly 25 years, since we first moved to NEFL the first time in 1985. I have had a sort of crush on him all that time, and come to find out he’s a favorite of Lovely Daughter’s too! SOME good taste runs in the family, I guess.

Anyway, I was folding clothes and herding children and cats as I listened to some of his opening today, focused on the Tiger Woods media meet on Friday. Meh.

Sam then mentioned, in reference to something I can’t think of right now, that BarryO’s gift to commemorate the Dalai Lama’s visit to the White House was…are you ready…a pair of cufflinks. Surely this is something Rush would say to illustrate his point about the absurdity of this being such a SMART Administration. The only source references I could find were blogs, the best one being Gateway Pundit’s report and picture of His Holiness leaving through the garbage piles at a back entrance. That’s pretty low-class, and THIS American is embarrassed.

And, just as a quick side note – His Holiness claims Marxism as his “political preference,” according to this article on the Official Homepage of Buddhism. So I don’t feel TOO sorry for him.



  1. He gave cufflinks to a guy whose job requires him to be dressed in an orange robe? Sheesh. Maybe he thinks that he dresses up in a suit in his leisure hours.

    Does he give a Smithfield ham and a 6-pack to visiting muslims?

  2. With pork chops to the Jews, no doubt. The man AND his ‘circle of friends’ are the most clueless bunch of freaks ever to grace the White House.

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