Call Roto-Rooter…and other things we don’t discuss in polite company

I just had a greasy sausage, egg & cheese english muffin, with pico de gallo to give it some flavour and oomph. It was yummy. I’d eat another if we had anymore. Yes, I’m the Mom and I DID ‘eat the last one.’ Who’s gonna argue, the cats? My mom never ate the last of anything unless it had gone over to dry and imperfect, proof none of the rest of the family might want it at some point. When she split something with you, you always got the bigger half, too.

Tomorrow’s my appointment with the ‘scope techs. They’ll be doing the north end, too, because I seem to suddenly have a lot of heartburn. Yay. Zantac (generic) works very well, but would like to know if there’s any damage before I make that a habit. Sometimes a Tums is enough, sometimes not. Tomorrow, we’ll see if that little routine can continue.

Got my Pixie and her cousins today, then just the Pixie on Friday because I’m afraid of the after-shock from anesthesia. My Chief will be here to help with her for most of the day Friday, till Mama or Daddy can pick her up, and I’ll still be able to manage doing the things he doesn’t prefer to do. She’s pretty easy to get along with when it’s just us, and I don’t have to cook any meals, so my memory lapses won’t be too dangerous (grin).

Think I’ll go make a cup of tea and dig out the chicken broth…I really don’t like being told I can’t eat, even when I understand the reason for it. Making schnitzel on Saturday for a Group party is going to be GREAT! Y’all have a fine day, thanks for stopping by!



  1. The procedure was fine. The swallowing that nasty intestinal flush stuff was the worst.

  2. I didn’t have any problem with the prep stuff. Told the nurse I can’t stand Gatorade. She said the directions on miralax say to mix it with water, and if that works for me, do it that way, but I could also add the little flavor packets for lemonade or ProPel that I had. Worked like a charm. Mixed it up with water in a gallon jug, then doled it out a water-bottle at a time, added a little packet of flavoring and Voila! Easy Peasy. The BEST news was that I didn’t have any hangover from the anesthesia. They don’t give any demerol, it’s real simple, I was out cold for an hour and woke up with my brain intact!

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