Thomas Sowell

Mr. Sowell’s column today is – as usual – brilliant. I missed yesterday, but I know you can find it somewhere in the ether and it will be…brilliant. My days are in a bit of flux lately, so any schedule I was trying to keep for posting certain things – and there wasn’t MUCH of a schedule, I can tell you that – has gone the way of the dodo.

Still, today’s column is well worth your time. How can you resist this:

For all I know, my neighbors may be judgmental when I drive out of my driveway in a 15-year-old car. But they have never said anything to me about it, and I have never offered them an apology. This is not equating driving a 15-year-old car with what Tiger Woods did. But the point is that any apology he might make should be made to his family, who were hurt, not to the public, who might be disappointed in him, but not really hurt.

…when it’s in the same column as THIS:

Slavery is too serious for an apology and somebody else being a slaveowner is not something for you to apologize for. When somebody who has never owned a slave apologizes for slavery to somebody who has never been a slave, then what began as mushy thinking has degenerated into theatrical absurdity— or, worse yet, politics.

Mushy thinking. What more would you expect from those weaned on the milk of the 60’s — proponents of free love, mind-altering substances, and a hatred of all things American…except money.


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