Where is the political equivalent of Herb Brooks?

My little medical procedures are done – thanks to a funny-shaped little thingy, I have to go do the one again next year…just to be ‘safe’ dontchaknow.

Reading Cal Thomas this fine Winter day, I have to wonder – where IS our inspiration? Not in any politician I’ve seen in a VERY long time…because the inspiration in the USA doesn’t come from the politicians, it comes from the PEOPLE!

Politicians are supposed to be public ‘servants,’ not life-long parasites at the public trough. Inspiring? I hardly think so.

Read the column.

Instinctively and from stories handed down from grandparents who endured wars and economic downturns, we know that the strength of America is not in its government, but in its people. That’s why the Preamble to the Constitution begins, “We the people.” Power comes from the bottom up, not the top down as in totalitarian societies. The formerly poor should be encouraged to tell their stories about overcoming. America loves stories. More of ours should be told to inspire others.

America doesn’t need restructuring. It needs revival; revival of the principles that made us strong and great; revival of the moral foundation that proved to be our real strength and allowed us to conquer our demons and become independent, not dependent on government.

See ya later, thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Michael Barone’s column is pretty durn good today, too – “Eighteenth-century Americans declared their independence, 19th-century Americans fought so that blacks could be independent, too, and 20th-century Americans sacrificed to extend the blessings of independence to the wider world.”

Don’t Tread On Me…indeed…


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  1. Carpe Jugulum · · Reply

    I think that what politicians both in the US and here in Aust have forgotten is that they are the servants of the people and not the other way around.

    This blinkered approach by our elected fools has seen the rise of the ‘nanny state’ policy we see in Aust, hopefully in the November general election we can turn that around. Wish us poor aussies luck, we need it.

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