Here’s a debate you might want to listen in on…

…and it won’t be the least bit smarmy, as so many political debates tend to. No double-talk, no blather, just well-thought-out opinions backed by sound reasoning. Huh. Who knew THAT was possible?

That’s Right and The Classic Liberal are going head to head, moderated by Motor City Times. Don’t miss it!

The Question:
The Question: One of the conservative arguments against the current prosecution on the war on terrorism is the fact that, as conservatives, we should not be involved in nation building In Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please explain your position with respect to the fact that after our post WWII reconstruction efforts , Germany and Japan have become our 4th and 5th largest trading partners. The exchange of goods accounts for 10.6% of all of the United States foreign trade.To put this in perspective, China accounts for 12.0% of all U.S. foreign trade (2008 numbers).

A portion of answer from Russ at That’s Right:
WWII and our current foreign hostilities are as different as they are the same. They are the same, I believe, in the sense that Germany’s actions and intentions prior to our official involvement following Pearl Harbor could not realistically be seen as isolated to that continent. At one point or another, sooner or later, the United States would have had to deal with the German Army and said dealing would have involved weapons of war wielded by men in uniform. Adolph Hitler, had he run his course in Europe and accomplished his goals there, would have eventually set his sights on the sleeping giant across the pond.

Doctrinal Islam (DI) is exactly the same. In fact, DI is far more committed to the annihilation of the United States than ever was Hitler. Taking the leaders of Al-Qaeda, Syria, Iraq (pre-invasion), Iran, et als. at their word and paying heed to their own actions, one is hard pressed to question their sincerity and dedication to accomplishing that goal. More pressingly today, however, is the fact that Germany did not have the means to deliver a crushing blow to the US without leaving their shores. Is it really debatable that sooner or later DI in one form or another will not have to leave their house to inflict such devastation on us?

As a general matter, I am Clausewitzian and believe that any hostility should be executed in total war fashion, bringing to bear the whole of our resources in an unyielding and unrelenting fashion so as to completely destroy our enemy’s ability to retaliate. Yes, this is the only humane way to wage war.

And The Classic Liberal responds:

The idea of nation-building came directly out of the Progressive Era and became policy via the administrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Nation-building is not war, but in fact the New Deal and Great Society dragged overseas. Nation-building is based on the utopian notion that government (a central planner) can create a better, more peaceful society by forcing democracy upon dangerous nations.

However, 2 significant problems arise when it comes to nation-building and the American way of life. First and foremost, we do not believe in nation-building at home. It’s unarguable that the New Deal and Great society did nothing less than turn our constitution into a piece of toilet paper. Support these grand utopian plans if you must, but please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence by claiming they are indeed constitutional. They are central planning devices.

The second problem is that democracy is hardly a deterrent to war. Hitler was elected democratically. Over the last 100 years (America’s true Progressive Era), democracies, including our own, have been at the forefront of every major war.

What is the ultimate goal of radical Islam? To raise the Caliphate – an Islamic New World Order! But in our hurry to spread utopia abroad via the omnipotence of central planning, we helped radical Islam’s cause instead, by building 2 Islamic States!

Yes, America emboldened her enemy … bin Laden owes us a thank-you card!

Not being Conservative, I may find some things I heartily disagree with, but at least it won’t make me ill in the finding. Reading or listening to most politicians of ANY stripe do the same thing – if such thing were possible for them – would undoubtedly make me chuck up. Not being a lefty, I’ll undoubtedly find some stuff I love AND heartily agree with!

Thanks, once again, to The Camp Of The Saints for the road sign!


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