GO! Read The Camp of the Saints! NOW!

Read every link. Check out each reference. He’s summed up SO much in ONE post! Read it ALL!

Especially if you’re of a mind to believe that the Democrat Party and its CongressWeasel friends and its Head of State (blrrrggg…sorry, trying to keep from gagging) are going to take ANY of this insurrection lying down. They won’t. Don’t you believe it. Not one word of it.

Because you know how to tell when a Dem is lying, don’t you.



  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The amazing observations in the Saints post aren’t all that amazing if you’ve followed CA state politics for any length of time. Passing big, popular legislation used to be enough politcal cover, now all it takes is a carefully crafted voting district boundery. Unpopular social engineering has been going on here for decades! Wouldn’t a federal-level initiative process be interesting?

    1. Yeah, that would make a LOT of things interesting, Bob. When California-style government came to Washington, most people didn’t recognize it for what it was – social engineering at its finest. Now, it’s expected that every state have the same school systems, drinking laws, traffic laws, drivers licenses…not to mention cookie-cutter politicians. Blech.

      Pixie’s here, see ya & thanks for stopping by!

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