Here’s a twist I hadn’t seen before

It seems obvious to me that ObamaCare isn’t popular with the People of the USA. It also seems obvious to me that The Current Occupant and his CongressWeasels and assorted CzarWeasels don’t give a rat’s rear what the People of the USA think. I’ve been waking up in the morning with a sense of inevitable doom at the passage of this unconstitutional monstrosity of a Federal Law. If CongressWeaseldom ain’t listening to Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, or even Fox News, they certainly won’t be listening to me.

HOWEVER – Krauthammer wrote that life is a vale of howevers – I read a column at the Daley Gator today that made me smile and cheer a little, and think maybe I’ll be a bit more cheerful tomorrow morning! My only excuse for not having heard it before is that 3 children under the age of 4 keep my mind on other things during the day – food, drink, fighting, whining, napping…along with plenty of giggles and hugging – so I don’t get much uninterrupted time to listen to the latest and greatest goings-on around the dial and in the ether.

It seems that a majority of the States that make up this Great Nation are writing laws to exempt the residents of their state from any Federal health insurance requirement. Virginia enacted such a statute Thursday, and 25 other states are considering constitutional changes to protect their citizens from mandated purchase of health insurance.

“That is a widespread, common theme,” said Richard Cauchi, program director for the NCSL health program. “The real legal issue is the requirement that every person buy health insurance.”

In Arizona this November, voters will consider a constitutional amendment banning any requirement for individuals or employers to have or provide for heath care. This spring, the legislature is also consider a statute to allow the state to decline any public health care plan offered by the federal government.

Some go further than simple protection from one federal law.

But not all the actions being considered apply simply to federal law. Some of the constitutional provisions would also prohibit future state lawmakers from enacting any sorts of health insurance mandates or enacting any sort of single-payer system. Some measures don’t even refer to the federal government, Cauchi said.

Wow! My country is NOT made up of federal bureaucrats and their toadies, perfectly content to fall in line with a socialist agenda in order to stick it to the ‘rich’ and get free stuff for themselves. Has anyone else heard about this? I don’t watch network ‘news’ – or any ‘news’ on tv, really – so is it just that I haven’t heard the reports, or are the reports not making it to network ‘news’? I know journalists aren’t known for telling stories that don’t fit the agenda, so maybe it’s not just me?

Whatever the case, go read the whole story HERE.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    I think the problem is that people have been trusting their government to do the government thing, look out for their interests, and not screw them over too badly while they’re busy with raising the kids, going to little league, peewee football, 4H, band practice, etc. In other words, people haven’t been paying a lot of attention and, if they are getting their news from the networks or CNN, they don’t know what the issues are.

    When they find out, they will be PISSED.

  2. Hope you’re right, Swampie. Cuz pissed Americans ain’t nuthin’ to mess with!

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