re·port·er    /rɪˈpɔrtər –noun 2. a person employed to gather and report news, as for a newspaper, wire service, or television station

Does anyone even hire real reporters anymore? And what IS the definition they use for “news?”

Obama’s Social(ist) Secretary just makes me cringe.

Here’s another example of the “professionalism” that “journalists” have brought to reporting. Children misbehaving? Make a new rule!

I also found a little offering from Big Journalism on some goings-on in FAR SOUTH Miami…let me know if you see anything about it on network “news” cuz I haven’t watched any in a couple decades now.

One final tidbit – I have a celebration to attend and I’m giving a little talk later, so I’m kinda rushed – from the fine REPORTERS at Big Governmenthave YOU ever heard of this group, which fought for the legislation that passed into law, created the subprime mortgage crisis, and very well may very well have influenced what your home is or is not worth today as a result.


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