Monday Monday

Good evening! I had plans to put some really good links up earlier today, but I seem to be a little off my feed. It figgers, now that the weather’s DECENT, I feel like last week’s weather. Bone-deep aches and chills, and one messed up tummy. No fun whatsoever. My Pixie was here today, we had a nice time watching Cinewewah. Thankfully, no Snow Wipe, no Cocohantis. Whew. Might’ve made me feel worse!

There are some terrific things to read if you’ll just click on the links in my sidebar, though! I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning revising my “About” thingy, if you’d like to learn something about me personally. If you’re that desperate for entertainment, PLEASE go read all the Breitbart stuff instead, along with A1A South and Paco and all the good stuff at They’re all linked, as I said, in the sidebar, so I’m not doubling it up here cuz I feel like nine kinds of hell. I’m packin’ it in for today, thanks for stopping by!


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