Paco hits it outta the park

It’s Spring Training. Opening Day is 18 days (19hrs, 30min) away. The new guys are still new, and rosters aren’t even penciled in, much less determined, for that day. But when it comes time for a clutch-hitter in the bottom of the ninth, I want Paco At The Plate. This entry is beautiful.

Paco Enterprises is often the site of brilliant commentary, biting wit, and detailed analysis. He manages to make the garbage going on in Washington entertaining…and educational.

An example:

Herein lies one of the most baffling and maddening ironies of democracy, to wit, that although it is a system, not only theoretically, but historically, conducive to the optimal development of personal freedom, it almost inevitably leads to the development of government dependency, up to and including variations on the theme of socialism. There are many factors that converge to effect this end; however, one of the most difficult to alter is the fact that the kind of people drawn to government and public policy are frequently leftists who view the state as an end in itself.

Home Run, Paco! Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for the link, KC!

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