St. Patrick’s Day contoversy! Shock! Dismay!

And damn good eatin’ whether it’s “traditional” or not.

It’s chilly and dreary and spittin’ rain today. LOVELY day for staying indoors and cooking! I’m making corned beef and cabbage, but it’s not going to be New England boiled dinner, instead baking the corned beef and then sauteing the cabbage with carrots and onions. Did you know that corned beef isn’t a traditional Irish food? Check this out (no, Salon isn’t on my list of must-reads, but I like this article).

When I floated the idea of baked corned beef and sauteed cabbage to My Chief (retired), he said it’s probably got more flavor than the old boiled meal…and since I rinsed the beef and simmered it some to decrease the salt, it’s better for his blood pressure.

Man, am I hungry…

Got My Pixie doing some sink time, prepping all the veggies for supper, and have to make the bed in the green room, so y’all have a fine afternoon, and thanks for stopping by!


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