Here’s some GOOD news…T Y G!

The Daily Caller has a link to a couple of stories that do my ol’ heart good:

The NRA is running out of targets!

The area where I live in NEFL is a fair balance, I suppose, between capitalist pig and welfare slacker…but I do feel kinda crowded. I’m from small-town America in northern flyover country, but here’s a list of places that might take me in if I had to go into exile – and one of these counties is about 2 miles south of me…I must live in the bleedover area. And the county in north Texas? *sigh*:

America’s Top 20 conservative-friendly counties.

Headed out to hear some inspiring words from a woman I know. She’s from Delaware – lots of folks down here make fun of her accent. It IS differ’nt, I give ’em that. Y’all have a fine weekend, may be back with anything I find of interest tomorrow other than IT’S FINALLY SPRING and thanks for stopping by!



  1. America’s Top 20 conservative-friendly counties.

    #1. Williamson County, Tenn.
    Largest city: Franklin

    Home of Darrel Waltrip!!

    1. Works for me!

  2. Hey, I might have to move to Clay County now!

    /Hmmmmm. And have to drive up Blanding or 17? Nah!

    1. I have to drive 17, we live just out & across 17 from the Birmingham Gate at NAS. OP & Fleming Island people who work “in the city” & on base are the bane of my existence, but only twice a day, when I’m not going anywhere anyway. Kids are moving to Riverside this weekend, getting away from Blanding altogether. It’s a hundred times worse than my stretch of 17!

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