A rose by any other name…

Rich Trzupek, over at Big Journalism, has an article up that has brought me to the conclusion the DinoMedia and the CongressWeasels and every other cubicle-dweller with a post in our bureaucracy refuse to acknowledge.

BarryOCare is going to have Death Panels. That label, of course, is not used. It does seem clear to me we’re being lied to even more than usual, and MANY Americans are perfectly content to accept the lie. *sigh*

Here’s what Mr. Trzupek wrote:

You don’t have to go any further than page 49, which marks the end of Subtitle E, “Governance,” to understand what’s coming. Subtitle E creates the office of the “Health Choices Commissioner,” the person charged with putting into effect all of the wonderful regulatory mechanisms that H.R. 4872 demands. But, in the regulatory sense, the Commissioner is not a person. The Commissioner is rather an institution, one that will have powers and responsibilities unprecedented in American history.

The choice of the figurehead sitting on top of the pyramid is merely the difference between the thousands of thousands of bureaucrats on the bottom – the people who actually interact with the regulated community – creating a pile of obstacles the size of Mt. Everest to obstruct industry, or a pile the size of Mt. McKinley. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because you can’t get over, around, under or through the obstructions.

“Bureaucracy” is a whole structure of Death Panels at different levels, intersecting with and overriding each other, then flushing your life further down the sewer, stealing every bit of your money, your dignity, and your Liberty.

And this massive theft of your Country and your Freedom is EXACTLY what they have in mind.

I’m gonna go have lunch with my husband now, at an Irish pub we recently heard about…”comfort” food, eh?

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