The Price Was Right

I don’t really like Dick Morris much as a commentator. He swings too close to the yellow-journalism/gossip/drama line for me. He’s personable and affable and funny when I’ve seen him on FNC, but over-dramatic writing makes my head hurt, so I haven’t read anything he’s written for a LONG (nearly 10 years) time. There’s also that little thing about his stint as Clinton’s trusted advisor…so my ‘trust radar’ is on high alert with him, no matter what.

Today, I read his column at


Let’s begin our reaction to the passage of ObamaCare by remembering Winston Churchill’s famous formulation with which he introduced his war memoirs:

In defeat: defiance
In war: resolution
In victory: magnanimity
In peace: good will

Now is the time for defiance!

And I’ll be damned if he didn’t write a line I’ve been thinking for YEARS!

The sole difference between moderate and liberal Democrats is their asking price. Moderates require slightly higher bribes to assure their votes.



  1. Ain’t that the truth! No principles there whatsoever.

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