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A few thoughts and videos from long ago and far away

Sam Kouvaris informs me this morning that “Dance the Night Away” was released by Van Halen on this date – IN 1979! I was six years out of high school, living in Dallas, Texas, at the very centre of the Urban Cowboy outbreak. This is NOT my favorite Van Halen tune, but damn. Thanks, Sam! […]

Tuesday with Thomas…Sowell, that is

I am a simple woman, married 25 years, a happy little grandma, raised mostly in small towns and rural communities on the northern plains, now living in a city far away from my beloved prairies. I have a high school diploma and have attempted higher education twice in my adult years. Most of my learnin’ […]


I have been too busy this weekend to gather thoughts or links in memory of My Friends Down Under. Though tardy, it is with heartfelt, enduring gratitude that I post a few links in their honour. Kae’s Bloodnut Blog: They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, […]

Nope, ain’t gonna do it.

I won’t have a headline about it, and I’m not going to “celebrate” Earth Day (we have a choice of planets?) or Lenin’s birthday (I don’t follow his teachings or philosophies, he was a monster…and he’s dead), or even Eddie Albert’s birthday (he’s dead, too). I read this at Wiki, our source for very little […]

“…the Jews have always been in the way!”

Tuesday is the day I usually post a link to Thomas Sowell’s brilliant columns. I may have time later to do that, or I may link it at the end of this post, or it may wait till tomorrow, or it may wait till next week. You already know know you can find it at […]

Whither Liberty?

The freedoms we take for granted will be deemed by the state to be socially divisive luxuries that have outlived their usefulness and are best discarded in the interest of societal cohesion. At some point we will be told by the state to shut up or else. When only some few brave souls refuse to […]

Wild Wild West!

Yojimbo, you were AWOL, and I find out the great news about your great state from a Drudge link to a Yahoo story? Have you heard about this? Do I have an excuse in not watching or listening to the dinosaur media AND being so covered up this week I barely know my own name? […]