April in NEFL is the BEST

March is my favorite month here in Jax, but I’m the only one I know who doesn’t despise the cold and wind we had this year. Winter was longer than usual, too, with many more days of morning frost than we’ve had in QUITE some time. Gerbil Worming spoiled many for NEFL’s version of Winter. For several days, however, we’ve had exactly the weather that makes a first-time Winter visitor decide to become a snowbird – just in late March and April, instead of late February and March. Mid to upper 70’s during the day – with a bit of low 80’s thrown in in some areas – and around 50 at night. Bright sun, a little breeze…it really doesn’t get any better than this.

I’m extra happy for the weather as our Spring Retreat is coming up this weekend. Perfect weather for 2 nights in the woods! No rain in the forecast, not many spiders out yet – even the palmetto bugs are late this year, thankyouGod.

I’ll miss the first weekend of baseball season, but since it’s so early in the season, the games really only matter to those playin’ ’em anyway, so will catch up when I get back. I’d link to the Jacksonville Suns here (AA Marlins) but they have really busy ads on the page & I don’t like that at all, so you can go find ’em if you really are interested.The Masters has been on my agenda for several years now, the only golf I pay much attention to…but missing the Tiger Spectacle and Speculation Extravaganza is no great loss. I wouldn’t get to watch my preferred pairings, anyway. It’s just the way of the world, when Underdog is your hero.

Our Public Servants in DC haven’t let me down in the story category. Along with a few links, I’m going to direct you to Blair Nation and my blogroll over there in the sidebar.

Unilateral reduction in nuclear arms, advertised to the entire freakin’ world, seems a bit STUPID to me, but I’m not a Harvard-educated Marxist, I’m a Constitution-believin,’ American Patriot, so what do I know.

–Drug cartels are making life miserable – and VERY dangerous – for those who live near our southern border. Moochass Grassyass, Paco.

–Here’s a column no one who values the principles set down in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States should miss. There is no party into which I fit with my principles and beliefs, and John Stossel clearly explains why I think I’m a big ‘C’ Constitutional, small ‘l’ libertarian.

–God must LOVE California – they’ve had the MOST FUN this week, nature-wise. Thanks, RobertD.

I leave you now, hoping to get some time to read online in the next day or so, but with no guarantees. BusyBusyBusy, that’s the watchword for the week before our Retreats. Y’all have a FINE weekend, thanks for stopping by…and GO PADRES!


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