Tuesday with Thomas

Once again, Dr. Sowell – educated and well-spoken as he is – manages to speak from MY heart.

John Paul Stevens is a classic example of what has been wrong with too many Republicans’ appointments to the Supreme Court. The biggest argument in favor of nominating him was that he could be confirmed by the Senate without a fight.

Democratic presidents appoint judges who will push their political agenda from the federal bench, even if that requires stretching and twisting the Constitution to reach their goals.

Republicans too often appoint judges whose confirmation will not require a big fight with the Democrats. You can always avoid a fight by surrendering, and a whole wing of the Republican party has long ago mastered the art of preemptive surrender.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I WANT to be a member of the Party of NO! It doesn’t bother me in the slightest! Will we get a fight this time, or will our present Congressional excuse for the “Opposition” continue to roll over and play dead? A good shouting match – or six – hell, I’d like one EVERY DAY of EVERY Congressional session – and even a fistfight would do my ol heart good.

HOWEVER! I’m not encouraged by ANYTHING I’ve seen or heard or read that any of our CongressWeasels (with three possible exceptions) has grown a set in the last few months, so I’m thinkin’ we get another one just like the other one.

As my friend Kae, at the Bloodnut Blog, might say – “Wankers.” Very dangerous wankers.


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  1. […] …is awarded to District Attorney for the VRWC, KC Duffy over at Pixie Place for her devastating indictment of The Stupid Party,  its conduct recently, and, sadly, its likely actions in the coming SCOTUS confirmation hearings: […]

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