Wild Wild West!

Yojimbo, you were AWOL, and I find out the great news about your great state from a Drudge link to a Yahoo story?

Have you heard about this? Do I have an excuse in not watching or listening to the dinosaur media AND being so covered up this week I barely know my own name? Not sure if anyone who claims to be a professional journalist has lowered themselves to real reporting…but I clicked on this at Drudge:

PHOENIX – Favoring the constitutional right to bear arms over others’ concerns about gun safety, Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday signed into law a bill making Arizona the third state allowing people to carry a concealed weapon without requiring a permit.

The measure takes effect 90 days after the current legislative session ends, which likely puts the effective date in July or August.

“I believe this legislation not only protects the Second Amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but restores those rights as well,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement.

My mind, as we used to say, is officially blown. I bet the CongressWeasels in Washington are wetting all over themselves!

Man, I wish I’d seen the story earlier, I was just getting ready to shut everything down and hit the rack – tired today, after fighting vertigo for the whole damn week. I think if I have to evacuate to saner country, I’m going to Arizona, instead of Texas!


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