Tuesday with Thomas…Sowell, that is

I am a simple woman, married 25 years, a happy little grandma, raised mostly in small towns and rural communities on the northern plains, now living in a city far away from my beloved prairies. I have a high school diploma and have attempted higher education twice in my adult years. Most of my learnin’ comes from hard experience and necessity, not classroom time.

So how is it that a brilliant man like Dr. Sowell can think the way I think and believe the way I believe? Today’s column at JewishWorldReview.com is no exception:

The message that is pounded home again and again is that white people enslaved black people.

It is true, just as it is true that I don’t go sky-diving with blacks. But it is also false in its implications for the same reason. Just as Europeans enslaved Africans, North Africans enslaved Europeans — more Europeans than there were Africans enslaved in the United States and in the 13 colonies from which it was formed.

The treatment of white galley slaves was even worse than the treatment of black slaves picking cotton. But there are no movies or television dramas about it comparable to “Roots,” and our schools and colleges don’t pound it into the heads of students.

If American society and Western civilization are different from other societies and civilization, it is that they eventually turned against slavery, and stamped it out, at a time when non-Western societies around the world were still maintaining slavery and resisting Western pressures to end slavery, including in some cases armed resistance.

Only the fact that the West had more firepower than others put an end to slavery in many non-Western societies during the age of Western imperialism. Yet today there are Americans who have gone to Africa to apologize for slavery — on a continent where slavery has still not been completely ended, to this very moment.

It is not just the history of slavery that gets distorted beyond recognition by the selective filtering of facts. Those who go back to mine history, in order to find everything they can to undermine American society or Western civilization, have very little interest in the Bataan death march, the atrocities of the Ottoman Empire or similar atrocities in other times and places.

Many History ‘educators’ today have an agenda, to demonize Western civilization, even when a thorough examination of the facts of history show that Western civilization is NOT the evil many would have you believe. Why would they do this? Why would you let them? Is there slavery in your ancestry? Who ended it, and when?

Thank you, Dr. Sowell.

ADDED: Dr. Sowell was not educated ONLY in the classroom – he has Real World Experience on a par with Abraham Lincoln, among other well-educated, brilliant and successful Americans.



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