A few thoughts and videos from long ago and far away

Sam Kouvaris informs me this morning that “Dance the Night Away” was released by Van Halen on this date – IN 1979! I was six years out of high school, living in Dallas, Texas, at the very centre of the Urban Cowboy outbreak. This is NOT my favorite Van Halen tune, but damn. Thanks, Sam!

Damn. Time flies, whether I’m having fun or not, I guess.

I like the music to this one…I feel a road trip comin’ on…

Here’s a dance from “Urban Cowboy” – just for comparison. I like the music, and liked it then…but the hats and feathers and crap just drove me nuts. The Travolta-wanna-bes drove some of us small-town girls living in cities to distraction. Such pretentious little posers. Kinda like all the city folk now who drive “work” trucks…but they’re garage-kept, shined up once a month and NEVER used to haul anything dirtier than a bag of groceries. Pfft.

Posers give me hives. It’s what I love about “Dirty Jobs.” Mike gets it. It’s ok to not know.


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