There’s some Good Ole Boys at Virginia Tech!

Saturday mornings I listen to The Outdoors Show on 1010XL – with Cap’n Kevin Faver, Cap’n Kirk Waltz, and former Jaguar Jeff Lageman. It’s such fun to listen to them talk turkey hunting in Spring, deer hunting in Autumn (especially when they venture out to the prairies where I grew up), and fishing in general. They may talk about the ‘other’ outdoor sports now and again – you know, football, golf, and baseball – but most of their outdoor activities are MUCH more fun than those organized things we pay to watch on tv or in person. (Note: No, Glenn, very little if any hockey – these are Southerners ‘of a certain age,’ and missed that in their lives) Today, we were informed that Virginia Tech (Lageman hails from Virginia but attended a less redneck school) has a FROG-GIGGIN’ CLUB! Is that awesome, or what!

While it’s true that I never heard of frog-giggin’ till I moved away from home, it’s been a topic of conversation among many of my friends east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason-Dixon Line for a good 30 years now. Never have gone myself. You’ll see why when you read the article.

Virginia Tech may have an official club for giggin’ but the University of Louisville had at least one handsome afficionado on their football team in 2008 – the quarterback of the Cardinals:

My kinda boys.


  1. Think they would be able to handle an “oyster fry?” And I don’t mean the New England ones either.

    1. Not sure about the guy at VaTech, but I bet that Cardinal would be up for it!

  2. Heh. When Swampman was at horseshoein’ school in OK, lamb fries were on the menu. (Yes, he did like them!)

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