Patriot Guard Riders ordered to stand down from honouring fallen miners

I’ll give ya one guess where the order originated? The Aging Rebel has the story, a post from a week ago that I recently ran across. I’m too disgusted to comment further.

Tip of my cap to my online friend Wanda, for posting the link on Facebook.

UPDATE: In case you didn’t know, My Chief (Retired) is a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. It is an honour and a joy to see him ride out to stand in a flag line for a Fallen Soldier or Sailor. One day, I hope to go with him, so I can say thank you in person.



  1. Hunh. I’d WAY rather have the Patriot Guard riders than the Socialist in Chief, but that’s just me.

    1. I don’t think it’s just you…I know a LOT of people that feel exactly the same way. Hell, I AM one of those people!

      Happy Mother’s Day, Swampie. Do something you LIKE, eh?

  2. Heh. Spent the the morning filling egg orders, and the afternoon taking SwampMan to the ER,. Good thing he’s a nondrinker, cuz I’d hate to think the damage he could do if he were to ever be under the influence. Now to go out to feed the livestock, then off to pick up SwampMan’s pain pills and burn cream.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! Daughter brought me some Obama toilet paper.

    1. I’m officially jealous of THAT present! Do I want to know how the SwampMan came to need a trip to the ER? I came close – insisted on a quick trip to the mall to pick up a gift for Lovely Daughter from a kiosk my friend has there.

      I still want some eggs, too! Duffy’s off tomorrow, can we come get some eggs?

  4. Heh. You could if I had any; daughter cleaned me OUT. (She takes orders at work.) I had just gathered the eggs from today before the ER visit; she took those, too! Maybe I need more hens. But then I would have to buy more feed.

    Sigh. I dunno if SwampMan will be up to a visit with his mom up in middle Georgia tomorrow; I’ll be visiting my mom up in Georgia, too.

  5. Well, I’d sure love to have some eggs anytime you get enough to sell me some. I’m willing to meet anywhere you say. One day soon.

    I forgot to mention that my trip to the mall has reconfirmed for me WHY I don’t go to the mall. And so many of the people in there have drivers license, too! Gah!

  6. I try to stay away from the mall as much as possible!

    SwampMan has second degree burns all over his face; he burned off his beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, and ear hair; his non-hair-covered face surfaces are covered with serous fluid and raw patches. The “good” places have big blisters. He has turned various shades of cooked and I’m concerned about his lips. I had to be very insistent about going to the doc to check out his lung and eyes, but he was wearing his safety glasses (thank goodness), and the lenses are all opaque and melted now. I guess they went in the line of duty.

    I was concerned that he might need skin transplants because he looked so bad; he is pissed off because his handlebar mustache is no more, and he can’t shave off the singed beard remainders.

    SwampMan is on restriction from playing with anything flammable and/or explosive until further notice.

  7. Yes, we definitely need to meet sometime. I wonder how long it will be until SwampMan’s eyebrows grow back? He’s gone through a lot of follicular changes over the past 33 years, but the eyebrows have been a constant.

    A week from Monday he gets the bone at the base of his thumb carved out and replaced with a tendon, then he’ll be in a cast for 3 to 6 weeks with no use whatsoever of his right hand. He’s just going to be in a world of hurt for the next month.

    1. I don’t get to meet him till his eyebrows grow back? Well…ok…end of summer, then? Nah, maybe 4th of July…

      Loss of a handlebar is a tragedy beyond mere words. The other pain will seem small in comparison, if my memory (family member who had one) serves.

  8. …feeling through charred hair…

    “My mustache, it’s gone!

    “Babe, part of your lip just fell off.”

    “Who cares. My mustache!

    1. Oh. My. God. I’m sorry I haven’t been back to comment on this sooner, Swampie – that POOR MAN! hahahahahaha!!!!! Sorry! hahahaha!!! SNORT!!! (sniffle) (giggle)


      Hope he’s feeling ok. Or better, anyway…(snicker)

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