Time for Time…

Time OFF, that is. When My Chief got his schedule for next week this morning, it says he’s got Saturday AND Sunday OFF!!! Though it would be ok to spend our time becoming one with our furniture and puttering around the house (there’s a LOT to be done), it’s been a LONG time since either one of us ventured outside the borders of Duval/northern Clay Counties…so we’re going campering! Gonna drag the camper up to Crooked River State Park in Georgia and spend 24 hours looking at stuff we either haven’t seen before or haven’t seen in many many years.

Drive goes right past the sub base, the town of St. Mary’s, Georgia neither of us has been to (I’m fairly sure I could live there with no problems whatsoever), and some popular (ick) kayaking spots.

Gonna be nice!

Pictures are directly from the website, so can’t make ’em any bigger, sorry. Y’all ain’t dumb, you can see it’s pretty even in the small size, eh?

I’m off to find a comedy dvd/cd for tomorrow evening – a tradition we began while section hiking the AT in Maryland and Virginia a few years back. Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Swampie – after reading your latest post – hot bath (more than one may be necessary) and aspirin (or aspirin substitute)…



  1. I wish I were going on that trip! Dang.

    1. It was pretty durn relaxing! Ate lunch at the sub base bowling alley, supper was cottage cheese and chips and one of our home-grown cucumbers (stuff we’d brought with). Sat around a GREAT campsite with a view of the marsh/river – read a book, ate chips, went to St.Mary’s for ice cream…nice. Breakfast this morning at the Cedar River Cafe, which LOOKS like it used to be a Waffle House. Good sausage. Walked around, chatted, read s’more, headed home ’bout 2:30, were in the yard by 3:30. SO cool.

      Plan to go again soon, I’ll buy the ice cream if you can make it!

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