King of the Road

On May 19, 1965, Roger Miller’s song “King of the Road” was Number One on the Billboard charts.

On May 19, 1965, my dad – Michael Henry Cassel – turned 33. In age and some personality quirks, I believe Roger Miller had much in common with my dad. Intelligent, talented, fun-loving country boys who died too young. Both had what is today referred to as a ‘substance-abuse problem.’ Both died of cancer before they reached the age of 60.

I’d never been to Indianapolis OR Minneapolis when I learned all the words to this song…

Do I remember watching this with my dad, or did it just make me think of him?

I can imagine the two of them together…Dad could play a mean harmonica. The Man In Black might go along for the ride…

I miss you, Dad…I guess I always will…


  1. I loved Roger Miller. My dad will be there pickin’ a mean guitar.

    1. We had his albums, but I think only one or two were ‘mine’ – and if they were, it’s cuz Dad bought ’em for me. He got me a Dean Martin album when I was in 8th grade & I nearly wore that sucker out…

  2. soberhorsethief · · Reply

    “King of the Road” was a very early favorite of mine. Don’t know what Mom thought about this little boy wandering around singing about smoking old stogies he had found….

    1. Believe me, SHT, you weren’t the only little boy – or girl – doing that! We lived near railroad tracks and it was often a topic on a summer evening…

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