COEXIST, my shattered a$$

I first met my online friend SoberHorseThief at Tim Blair’s old place. Ah, those were the days – unmoderated, nearly-instantaneous blogging and commenting from a group of the smartest, funniest, most well-informed people I’d ever had the privilege to meet, kept in some semblance of ‘order’ by Andrea. They welcomed my humble self into their midst, and when Blair sold out to The Man (snicker), some of us began blogs of our own. You will find links to a few of them in my sidebar. They are wonderful people, from all over the world (yes, mostly USA & Australia), and I’m glad to know them and be part of Blair Nation with them.

Bile Offload is authored by one of the Americans who belong to Blair Nation. SHT is the author, and we’ve recently begun responding to each others’ posts – we have so many things in common. I love reading his take on things, and was thrilled when I learned he was going to dissect a bumper sticker I’ve seen around town. It’s blue with white letters spelling out “COEXIST” in symbols that represent the major religions of the world. You have to read all of Dhimmi Up! Part II – and take a look at Dhimmi Up! Part I while you’re at it, followed closely by Dhimmi Up! Part III, especially since today (I remembered too late) is EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMED DAY!

Here’s a small taste of SHT’s Bile:
So what have we here? Muslim crescent, chicken symbol, some sort of man/woman/transgender thing, star of David, an I with a pentacle on top, yin/yang, and the holy cross. Put them all together they spell:


All right, but the Muslims hate the Jews. Killing Jews is in their scripture. They are under direct orders to kill Jewish people. So let’s get rid of the X:

The guy is brilliant, and I’m glad I found him again! Thanks, SHT!

Oh, before I go – I don’t know how to paint and draw with my computer, so I’m stealing one of SHT’s cartoons…you can go see the rest for yourself, and ya gotta read “Five Guys Named Mo” – you will NOT regret it!

“Where there is no freedom of expression there is no true freedom of thought, and without freedom of thought truth is whatever the guy pulling the strings says it is.” ~SoberHorseThief



  1. Awww, crap. I forgot about draw MoMo day. Well, I never could draw for shit anyway.

  2. Eleven and 1/2 days of schoolkids left!

    Not that I’m counting or anything, but you can find the faculty signing the number of days at each other and giving each other high 5s in the corridors.

  3. Heh. Yeah, good to see that the Great American Chicken sign is included in coexist.

  4. So, did you go out for supper, and where, and how was the SwampMan?

    Good grief, is it 11? Going to Kings Bay again tomorrow – not campering, we need new tires before we take it out again – better get to bed. See you in the morning!

  5. Nah, I picked up pizza and carried it home.

  6. Oh, SwampMan finished with the pain pills Thursday, so I suppose he’s on the mend.

    /He’s really, REALLY grumpy.

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