“He hugged Florida Gov. Charlie Crist so hard…

…he squeezed him right out of the Republican Party.” And we don’t miss him much at all.

I can’t write a headline to save my life, but I can copy someone else’s words. These are from Jonah Goldberg’s column today at JewishWorldReview.com.

Jonah’s point is that while BarryO’s endorsement of a candidate isn’t exactly the Kiss of Death, it’s a lot like a kiss from your sister – it adds “little to no excitement while inviting many unwanted questions.”

He continues:

The much-ballyhooed silver lining for Obama came from the Pennsylvania special election to replace the recently deceased Rep. Jack Murtha. Democrats not only outnumber Republicans 2-1 in the 12th district, but Murtha remains a hero for getting the entire district strung-out on high-grade pork (not the oink-oink kind).

Obama’s preferred candidate won there. How did former Murtha aide Mark Critz do it? By promising to be Obama’s point man on Capitol Hill? Nope. He ran as a pro-life, pro-gun, anti-ObamaCare right-wing Democrat who (dishonestly) denounced his GOP opponent as a tax hiker.

Is BarryO the Typhoid Mary of Election 2010? I dunno. Rodents don’t seem to be the culprits responsible for the spread of typhus…but stranger things have happened…


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