BarryO is a real piece of work…this is sickening

From Carol’s Closet, via Paco Enterprises, I find this the most depressing news of the day…so far. It’s not even 0715!

The present “leader of the Free World” is a scum-sucker of world class proportion. In his nomination to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, BarryO has chosen Judge Robert N. Chatigny — who believed Michael Ross should not be convicted because because the killer is a sexual sadist.

Michael Ross tortured and killed eight women. Chatigny argued in his defense, and actually took some actions that appear…unethical?

From the American Spectator article:

Without recusing himself or disclosing his prior involvement with the original appeal of Ross’s conviction, Chatigny appears to have acted as an advocate rather than a neutral judge. State courts had already decided on Ross’s competency, but Chatigny held additional factual hearings and granted relief on a basis not briefed by any parties.

After the appellate court and the U.S. Supreme Court vacated his rulings, Chatigny took the extraordinary move of ordering a conference call with Ross’s attorney, when appellate courts had vacated any grounds on which Chatigny could take further action.

In this conference call, Chatigny bullied Ross’s attorney into ignoring his client’s own wishes and seeking a stay of execution. The transcript of the conference call shows that Chatigny repeatedly referred to Ross’s attorney as “facilitating” or “bringing about” Ross’s execution. Reading the transcript, it’s as if Chatigny does not even acknowledge that Ross’a own actions, the rape and murder of multiple women, are the cause of his execution.

This is BarryO’s choice to rule over matters of life, death, property, and liberty?

He’s worse than even I imagined.

I’m gonna go take a shower.


One comment

  1. When that man was elected, I wrote that he isn’t my President, he’s my enemy. That man has spent his life working against principles that I took an oath to die to defend.

    I have seen nothing to contradict my point of view since he took office. Instead, everything that he has done has confirmed my opinion.

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