A song in memory of Michael Henry Cassel

A lot of songs I really like are from my childhood, and many of the memories that go with them are centered around my father. I idolized him as a little girl, and wanted SO much to be like him. In some ways I succeeded magnificently…but not necessarily in a good way. Loud, opinionated, stubborn…among others not so kind.

I got one, or maybe two, of his better qualities, too, I hope, though I can’t for the life of my come up with a label for any of ’em.

This song makes me cry EVERY time I hear it. My dad earned his jump wings when I was a 3rd grader. He gave them to me when I was about 32, as I was going in for a surgical procedure in Maine. He and my mom and my niece had driven from Montana so Mom could help with the family while I was down for a little while – and to meet my husband of several years for the first time. Dad was the only one available to cart my butt to the appointment that day, since Duffy was working and Mom had care of Rachael, my step-son Jesse, and my toddler Kait. I will never forget that morning…and those wings are my most prized possession.


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