Personalized drivel — UPDATE! The Queen is Home – and I think she’s gonna be ok!

I was just getting used to the new schedule for the ol man when what happens? One of the infamous three-day weekends comes along. We got a lot done…but it was a rough one for me.

The 2 survivors of Calico’s litter are living under my deep freeze in the carport. And My Queen, the cat Lovely Daughter brought home to me in June of 2002 – sight unseen, having read the “Free to Good Home” notice on the bulletin board at the 7-Day store – hasn’t been seen since Sunday. She didn’t seem well. Shedding, panting. I think my heart is breaking, but I’ll be ok as long as I don’t have to talk about it.

To balance that – and keep from talking about it – all the doors in the house are now painted. YAY! It’s really an improvement. Got the tub re-caulked, too. And filled in the gap between kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. THEN our neighbor called, and he’s gotten rolling on my new countertops and backsplash. WHOA! Handmade butcher block counters and windowsill. Bead board backsplash, except for (hopefully) satin-finished stainless over the stove. He’s even going to put pegs in for my pot holders.

UPDATE: Backsplash over the stove will be Fasade Brushed Aluminum – goes nice with the brushed nickel knobs and handles on the cabinets, not too busy for my little kitchen.

If that’s not enough, Duffy brought home my new sink today. It’s white and shiny and weighs nearly as much as I do, because he picked up the “wrong” one and it’s CAST IRON! OH, be still my heart. It’ll have different faucet fixtures, but this is the picture I swiped from Lowe’s:

So, I take the bad with the good.

Heartache only arrives because I have a heart. I don’t barricade myself behind walls or bottles anymore. Life hurts sometimes, but the reward is worth it. Sometime I’ll tell you about the first gray cat to grace this marriage…she, too, was there for her allotted time and then…

This is tougher – the Queen and I have been buddies for 8 years, traveled I-95 together more than once, she stayed with me when I was sick, she could smell a pork chop cooking a mile away…we had some fun…

Holy Crow! UPDATE: My Queen came home today. When Handsome Son-In-Law came to get his girlie, he brought my cat in with him. Evidently she’d been walking very slowly across the neighbor’s yard on her way here. She’s scrawny, smelly, filthy, obviously badly dehydrated, but no sign of injury. My guess is she was stuck in someone’s shed, trailer, garage…hell, maybe even a car. She looks pathetic, as you might imagine. But she’s home. And even if she doesn’t make it, I’ll KNOW. That was what didn’t ring true…this one ain’t just running off, after all she’s put up with from me. Gave her a bit of water, she kinda seemed to appreciate it (she’s a cat) and she got down off the nightstand. She’s under the bed now, resting.

Silly old bear…



  1. I feel your relief! Poor old barn kitty was locked up for two weeks without food or water in my wool shed because he didn’t deign to answer my call when I looked inside for him the day after he didn’t show up for dinner.

    He’s got me hoppin’ bringing him food and drink now. And not kibble and water, either. Nope. He’s demanding tuna and milk.

    1. She looks horrible, too. If she asked for tuna and milk (tuna maybe, she doesn’t like milk), I’d give it to her.

  2. We are suckers. And we give them the chains they use to bind us…

    The Queen’s only had water and sleep so far. Poor ol thang, I keep marveling that she’s not dead.

  3. Got up this morning to find her moved. When I went to the back door, she was lying on the concrete floor, still weak but wanting to go out. She STILL wants me to let her out. No food, just s’more water.

  4. swampie · · Reply

    I think that maybe Queenie’s appetite needs to be tempted. She doesn’t like canned kitty food? Tuna? Roast chicken? Pureed baby meat?

  5. swampie · · Reply

    I’ve been successfully able to encourage starving cats to eat with things like first giving them tuna water to drink, or letting them lick the broth off the canned food while ignoring the meaty bits. Tiny little bits of roast chicken, hand fed while they are stroked in lap seems to work for some, too. Her body is still cannibalizing itself if she isn’t eating.

  6. swampie · · Reply

    I’ll call daughter later when she gets home (she’s off with the kids today; she called me earlier and her cell phone battery died) to see if she has any tips for getting Queenie to eat or tips on what would be best to feed.

    1. I tried some KFC bits last night – no go. She had a little pedialyte a couple hours ago. Soon as the Chief gets outta my kitchen, I’ll get her some baked chicken. She DOES like canned food, but not so far today. She also doesn’t want me to hold her. When she was begging to go out this morning, I put some litter in a dishpan & she peed – very yellow & strong, but a good sign that she could ‘hold’ it at all, according to some things I read. I’ve since replaced the dishpan (about 9×12) with an aluminum turkey roaster pan (disposable). Larger, with lower sides. Thanks for the ideas.

    2. She wouldn’t touch the tuna water. Hasn’t come out from under the bed, but she did SWITCH beds. I don’ t think she’s gonna make it…

      1. The Queen was sleeping under the bed when I went to bed. When I got up she was again at the back door. Put the litter pan in here for her, she took a tiny bit of tuna and s’more water. She walked over to me in the kitchen, then down the hall to the bedroom again. Is she a bit more ‘perky’ this morning, or is it me, thinkin’ wishful?

      2. Bit of pedialyte, some water, and a few licks/bites of smashed chicken cat food and the ‘gravy’ off it. Some normal attitude to her now. Doesn’t look so “sick” – her eyes are focused and she responds to petting…and I got a little head-butt…(sob!)

      3. Well…are we on the road to recovery? She came out from under my bed, had a bit of head-rubbing, then ATE some of the canned cat food. Really ate some, regular bites, not little nibbles and licks.

        Celebrated 13 years Sober today – got the coolest t-shirt from my best friend “Thou Shall Not Snivel.” Damn. I couldn’t plan a day as good as this one!

  7. swampie · · Reply

    Woohooooo! Glad that the Queen is back to reigning over her loyal subject. Barn Kitty drank lots of water, milk, and lapped the broth off the kitty food first, too.

    SwampMan bought me a new computer. He hates my information addiction, but liked it even less that I was out having an actual social life that didn’t involve small children or animals during the last few days while the computer was dead.

    Maybe it was my going out to help a friend shop for hoochie momma clothes that did it.

  8. swampie · · Reply

    And congratulations on 13 years sobriety.

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