The Queen is NOT dead…Long Live The Queen!

Are y’all – all one or two of you – sick to death of reading that other thread, giving almost blow by blow commentary on the health and welfare of my ol cat? Will it just MAKE your day if this is the last post completely devoted to Her Majesty? Because it is. The ol gray tabby I named Scoot – who’s been renamed Gladys and Porky by some people I associate with – came out of the bedroom today, ate some tuna, then went back to the bedroom to poop in the litter pan, and went back to sleep under my bed. She looks aware, awake, and alive, she walks steadier than she did, and seems better all ’round. If any major CATastrophes occur, I’ll be happy to jabber on about her again (do you wanna hear how completely cute Calico’s kits are?), but until such time as something like that happens, this is enough of that.

Besides, I may be able to brag more about my kitchen tomorrow! WAIT till you see!



  1. Pleased she’s back.
    Not a cat person, but I know how much I love my poochies.

    1. Exactly, Kae. I like your poochies, too, though – almost feel as if I know ’em…and I know better than that, too. Scoot’s back to her old tricks, turning up her nose at something that drove her nuts with desire yesterday…good to see but STILL! I better get to bed now, have done all the damage I can for this day! Thanks for stopping by, m’Friend!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    Always glad to hear happy kitty updates.

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