Self-Destruction in Illinois

The Weekly Standard online has this story from Fred Barnes, about the disaster in Illinois known as “politics.” Long famous as a haven of thugs and criminals and other assorted pond scum who win elected office, it seems some GOP hopefuls may stand a chance to do further damage to the Dem Machine come November.

Running for Governor is Bill Brady. From the article:

Brady’s views are identical to Ronald Reagan’s, which means he’s a bit more conservative than the last three Republican governors and probably the state as well. He opposes legalized abortion except when the life of the mother is threatened—Reagan’s position exactly. And just like Reagan, Democrats are attacking him as a right-wing extremist.

Brady and Republican strategists are convinced such attacks are irrelevant to voters this year. “I’m talking about the issues that resonate with people—jobs, spending, taxes,” Brady says. He favors cuts in spending, a tax decrease of $1 billion, and a reduction in the size and authority of the state government in Springfield. “Government that has too much power leads to corruption,” Brady says. Four of the past six Illinois governors were indicted. George Ryan, the Republican governor from 1999 to 2003, is in jail.

Since 2003, Illinois has been ruled by an oligarchy of Chicago Democrats, led by Rod Blagojevich (until his impeachment last year), House speaker Mike Madigan, and Senate president John Cullerton. Pat Quinn succeeded Blagojevich as governor. Madigan’s daughter Lisa is attorney general. All of them, along with treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, auditor Tom Hynes, and secretary of state Jesse White, live within a few miles of each other in Chicago.

Change, we can believe in?


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