Rest in Peace, Jimmy Dean…and thanks so much for so many songs that inhabit my childhood years…

Jimmy Dean, Sausage King“Hip? Not exactly. In an age when everything from TV shows to shoes is sold with a dark sneer, Jimmy Dean was operating from a marketing playbook that predates “Mad Men.”

The funny thing is that it works. It may not get you onto subway and bus posters in New York, but it moves a whole lot of product at Winn-Dixie.”

My folks sometimes let us stay up late enough to watch Rowlf on the Jimmy Dean show. He was the BEST.

I ‘borrowed’ an album or two from my dad, who had very eclectic taste in music. I remember “Big Bad John,” as do most people my age…but this one makes me cry to this day. Lovely Daughter probably hasn’t heard it, because we didn’t have YouTube when she was the Sleeping Beauty…

Then there’s the song that illustrates what a Man does in a tough situation – and makes for a helluva campaign slogan:

And, of course, the song I’ve always known all the words to, one of my all-time favorites, and the song that put Jimmy Dean on the map even before his breakfast sausage:


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